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A company of consultants in chemistry and chemical engineering, actively involved in product development, computational, experimental, and environmental organic chemistry.


This is a short list of websites that we have found to useful or attractive. It is not a complete list, nor is meant to endorse any particular site, but browsing the sites on this list should entertain you.

A listing of publications that describe the QVBMM molecular mechanics force field and its applications in organic chemistry is available.

Molecular Modelers frequently start their studies by examining the X-ray crystallographic coordinate data of molecules.  Good places to start are -

·The Brookhaven Protein DataBank

·The Cambridge Crystallographic Database

·The Nucleic Acid Database at Rutgers U., NJ

Stargazing at the Hubble Telescope Gallery is the best way to see spectacular images of nature's marvels and tomorrow's home-worlds.

CNET is still simply the best source of cyberspace information! CNET not only guides us to shareware, and the latest news in Cyberland and the computer industry, but also has frequently updated, authoritative reviews of currently used hardware and software.

Another HOT site is WhoWhere. This VERY useful service will allow you to find anyone, anywhere, anytime, much more easily than using any telephone directory. You can e-mail your target person while you are at the WhoWhere site!

Shareware Sites that are truly impressive are few and hard to find. These sites have impressed us with their variety of wholesome, bug- (and virus-) free goodies. Remember to register your shareware programs so that these excellent programmers can keep producing the trend-setting goodies we all use.

Looking for just about anything at all? You can find anything using one, or all, of these superb search engines. Google's, Yahoo’s, and HotBot's, advanced search features are particularly useful and enable you to make really highly focused searches, or really broad ones.




Write to us about your favourite web pages and we'll put them on our list above.

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