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StruMM3D (Version 10.0.0.X, 2022) © V. G. S. Box, Ph.D.

In order to protect our intellectual property rights you should know that StruMM3D is not freeware, and is protected by the copyright laws.

However, we have decided to provide potential users of StruMM3D with a full-featured, stand-alone, version of the program that will enable you to explore the features of StruMM3D. We have called this the “demo” version even though it has ALL of the capabilities of StruMM3D.

As of Version, released in September 2016, software support for users to fully enabled (20000 atom capable, 10000 per structure) version of StruMM3D must be bought from Exorga, Inc.. The order forms, and information, are below.

Once your software, and other purchased utilities, are validated, you will have free upgrades for life!

If you have an older installed version of StruMM3D on your computer, please ensure that you erase the old file "STR3DISP.WIN"or, "STR3DISP.PAR", or "STR3DISP.DAT", before running any new version of this software.

Click here to Download a copy of StruMM3D.

The software has been set up to enable you to work, initially, with molecular models that have 100, or fewer, atoms and lone pairs. You will need a software key to fully unlock the capabilities of the program, to enable you to work with molecules that have up to 10,000 atoms and lone pairs. Students, teachers and academics, and corporate/private users should select the appropriate order form from below, complete it and send it us by e-mail as an attachment.

The supporting utilities for StruMM3D are not required for the use of StruMM3D, but will enhance the use of the program, particularly in moving coordinate data from one of several formats to that used by StruMM3D. These STR3DI utilities will only be released (at extremely low cost to cover shipping/handling) to registered users. Follow the instructions below.

The StruMM3D molecular modeler offers countless advantages over using mechanical models! The low cost of StruMM3D will help to bring sophisticated computer-assisted molecular modeling within the easy reach of all students, teachers, and researchers, in chemistry!

Ordering StruMM3D and the STR3DI Molecular Modeler Utilities

The order/registration form is the ONLY way for corporate and private users to order the full, 10,000 atom per structure version of StruMM3D. It is also the ONLY way to buy the program key or any of the supporting utilities.

If you wish to obtain copies of StruMM3D and/or the supporting utilities for this STR3DI molecular modeler, you should download, or print out, the appropriate order form, to get the appropriate prices. You can then fill the form out, and return it to us with your cheque, money order, or international money order. Payment by PayPal is also accepted, provided that you clearly state this on the order form and we’ll send you the appropriate instructions.

When you place your order, you can request that we send the package to you by e-mail, or that we mail it to you via the regular "air/land" mail.

Send us e-mail now if you have any questions, or need any help with ordering. Remember to include your name, address, and affiliation in your e-mail.

The Order/Registration Forms (Rich Text Format)

Download (by right-clicking on) the appropriate order/registration forms, below. View the form with WORDPAD or Microsoft’s WINWORD. For best viewing, adjust all the margins to 2.0 cm, if necessary.

Teachers and Academics
Private or Industrial Users.


To find out more about STR3DI's utilities and supporting programs jump to THE STR3DI MOLECULAR MODELER.

When we are doing molecular modeling involving a group of organic molecules, we always do our structure energy minimizations of the entire group of molecules by using StruMM3D in batch mode, overnight. By running these minimizations in "batch mode" you can be sleeping, or watching Star Trek, and still be "hard at work" on your molecular modeling!

A (Free) SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR that we recently updated, and which you'll love as much as we do.

Whenever you use a calculator to do a repetitive type of calculation you usually have to plug in the same, or similar, numbers over and over again. We designed our scientific calculator to get around that problem by allowing you to enter the EQUATION you want evaluated - in text form - and this equation is editable! You can evaluate this equation as often as you wish, with as many changes as you wish, all with just a few keystrokes and/or clicks of you mouse. You can even use variables (like va, vb, ...., vx) in the equation and these are automatically replaced by values that you are prompted to enter. Try using our Modern Scientific Calculator (size - 15K) and then let us know what you think of it. Calc is for MSDOS and calculx is for Windows.