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THE StruMM3D MOLECULAR MODELER - easy to use, but versatile, efficient and dramatically powerful!

StruMM3D, for MicroSoft’s Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10, is powerful, easy to use and will paste images of your molecular models into Windows text, and other, applications. StruMM3D's 32 bit, compiled code is FAST and FULL-FEATURED.

The StruMM3D molecular modeler uses the powerful, new QVBMM molecular mechanics force field for optional structure refinements (structure energy minimizations). It is well worth your while to learn why molecular mechanics using the new QVBMM force field is just as capable of handling molecular structural simulations as the ab initio methods. In fact, in several cases, the QVBMM force field offers a better simulation.

View a list of selected scientific publications arising from using the Str3Di Molecular Modeler.

Get information on ordering the StruMM3D molecular modeling programs. Also find out about obtaining an evaluation copy of StruMM3D.


Every now and then we rigorously test the QVBMM molecular mechanics force field. It isn't that we have found anything "wrong" with the force field, but, being perfectionists, we can't help wondering if we can make it a bit better. No major re-parameterization has ever been found to be necessary, and the changes that have been implemented are quite small, but they do result in better simulations of complex biomolecules such as sugars, peptides, etc..

StruMM3D automatically helps you to husband your computer's precious memory resources. The automatic memory management feature of StruMM3D - that allows the program to use the minimum memory required during its operations - works very well. This feature greatly facilitates multitasking when using StruMM3D in Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 systems.

The StruMM3D molecular modeler now has a "minimization progress indicator" which pops up, discretely, onto the Windows desktop during the background execution of structure energy minimizations. You can monitor the progress of these operations without having the full StruMM3D window open. The StruMM3D molecular modeler features a revealing presentation of the structure energy minimization process.


As we stated above, we do intend to stock a web page with the files of some StruMM3D template structures. If you need a template, and did not find it with those you downloaded, then just drop us a line and we'll place the data file in the StruMM3D TEMPLATES page.

EXORGA has established a web page to act as a structure data file "server" for users of the StruMM3D  molecular modeling program. We'll need your input (tell us what structures you want to stored there), and participation, but we'll all benefit from this collaboration.


Our customer Service has initiated a page devoted to addressing, in a reviewable form, some of the questions they are most frequently asked. We prefer to regard this page, not as a FAQ, but as a compilation of Tips and Shortcuts that will ease and speed your developing acquaintanceship with our molecular modelers.


Follow the Exorga's DownLoadables hyperlink to get information about obtaining the StruMM3D  molecular modelers. There, you can download appropriate order/registration forms so that you can become a fully registered user of StruMM3D  and get the latest versions at low cost, in addition to getting all of the additional software, manuals, and customer support.

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